Simone Rocha A luxury brand for all women clothing and accessories

A brand of excellent logical inconsistencies, Simone Rocha is energetic and exquisite, heartfelt yet with a rowdy 'edge. Complex hanging and voluminous outlines keep the style lively while infusions of extremely sharp fitting add a quality of refinement. Changing regular pieces into something extraordinary and special, Simone Rocha celebrates peculiar and individualistic style. 

The planner, known for her particular feeling of incendiary womanliness, has gotten a staple at London Fashion Week, with stores on the two sides of the Atlantic and stockists that incorporate Matches Fashion, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Rocha modernized a piece of the design history. The garments were ordinarily organized with a fitted body and a more extensive skirt, or hung with the texture moving towards the middle. Some layering of tank tops were done, yet additionally underpants and shirts. Strips compensated for some subtleties, yet additionally pearls and other sort of gems. The advantage of the assortment was additionally present in the selection of shadings with gold, red wine, magnificent white and a warm beige compensating for a significant number of the garments. A few dresses were finished with a characterized, adjusted, hourglass outline, making relationship to a more doll-like, imaginary style.

Let’s have a view on their amazing collection 

Simone Rocha embellished bustier top


A little sparkle never hurt anybody. Indeed, when wearing this Simone Rocha top you'll feel raised and beguiling in its precious stone decorated plan. Basically staggering.

Simone Rocha sculpted jacquard shorts


Your closet is a masterpiece, and these Simone Rocha shorts are the masterpiece. 

Simone Rocha floral-embellished bucket bag


Discover a pack that coordinates with your character. Furthermore, we mean, something snappy. Like this botanical adorned can sack from Simone Rocha. You're a star.

Simone Rocha open-knit V-neck jumper


Who says sweater weather can't be good? Constructed from black organic cotton, this open-knit jumper has a V-neck for added elegance. Choosing Simone Rocha?